Organization of Hybrid and Virtual Events by your Event Partner aigner und oesterreicher

The Corona pandemic has presented us all with a great challenge. We see our task in inspiring people with virtual events despite or even because of the digital overload. Whereas at a classic physical event you sometimes add a live video or an external speaker, the virtual setting has become the standard at the moment. In the meantime, we have become professionals in this field as well and organize hybrid and virtual events of all kinds.

We bring variety to the virtual marathon!

As a creative agency, we see our task in enabling valuable and entertaining virtual experiences. This is our way of interrupting the marathon of presentations at virtual conferences or training workshops - just as at physical events - with inspiring breaks and enriching them with interactive modules. We get your participants talking to each other, initiate an inspiring game, and offer interactive evaluation options. In this way, we provide much-needed variety so that even the last presentation gets the attention it deserves and so that your participants will happily sign up for the next virtual event. Contact us if you want us to organize a hybrid or virtual event for you!

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