Teambuildings, Trainings and Workshops by aigner und oesterreicher

Who stops climbing upwards, falls backwards

Teambuilding is not only fun. But joy, common experiences, and activities beyond known structures can promote the cohesion and efficiency of teams. Resources are (re-)activated and the special strengths of individuals or entire teams become apparent. If this process is combined with positive experiences, the training has a lasting effect on productivity. Together with our cooperation partners - experts in teambuilding, outdoor training and personal development - we develop the right format for each team. 

Individual concepts for a successful team

Carefully coordinated modules create trainings that have a lasting effect on the minds, but also in the hearts, of your employees. The range of content ranges from motivation and team building to strategic alignment. Teams need space for personal experiences. We create the space for you - nationally and internationally.

Physical and virtual trainings

In addition to a goal-oriented organization, we also ensure a smooth implementation of the trainings and workshops. This applies to both face-to-face events and virtual events. Due to the strong digitalization and virtualization of the working conditions, especially since Corona, participants of trainings, online conferences, and other virtual events need creative challenges and interactive communication more than ever. With our ideas, we transform a presentation marathon into an interactive and varied virtual experience.

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