Event Management - Your Event is our Passion

Organization of events worldwide by the Vienna-based event agency aigner und oesterreicher

Whether it’s a conference, trade fair, incentive, or corporate event, as a full-service event agency we take care of the entire planning, organization, and implementation of your event and take over all steps such as concept development, location search, technology, design, catering or artist booking. In cooperation with highly professional partners, we ensure a reliable realization of your events. This allows you to devote your full attention to your customers.

Event idea and objective

You certainly have a vision for your company, but do you have one for your event? The cornerstone of a successful event is a brilliant idea. Developing this idea, sharing it with you, and finally implementing it is our profession. How the spark of the idea is transferred to the brand, product, industry and the customers depends on clearly defined goals. Let’s talk to each other so that we can realize your ideas and achieve your goal!

Planning and conception - everything in view

Thanks to our many years of experience in creating individual concepts, we develop an event plan with you that you can identify with. In doing so, we focus alternately on the big picture as well as on the finer details. This can be the load capacity of a pillar so that the cloth acrobats can perform safely, or the stage lighting so that the CEO has the prominence they require. All of this leaves impressions and lasting memories that will be associated with your company.

Customized event concepts

Successful event communication begins long before the event, and drives on through the various planning steps. Of course, we don't have to reinvent the wheel every time to set up an event, but to make the event unique your company's distinct qualities have to be incorporated into the planning. We listen carefully to you, so that we truly understand what you are all about. That way we can develop a tailor-made event concept for you.

Implementation and on-site support - We are always approachable

We take over the organization and implementation of all parts of the event planning. With our full-service agency, we can offer you a comprehensive service package. To ensure that the concept unfolds in its entirety and that everything runs smoothly, we are on-site with trained personnel and are always available to you ourselves.

We ensure smooth processes

We develop the complete package for you, or just certain parts of it, and ensure that everything runs smoothly. For a successful event organization, we are the interface to our highly professional partners as well as the service providers on-site and bring together the various protagonists into one unit.

We spin the red thread

In every detail of our event services, you will find the constant thread that we follow from the first planning meeting to the implementation of the event. The result is a unique and personal event - a place where your guests feel comfortable and where the special character of your company becomes tangible.

Follow-up - how to keep the good stuff in your head for a long time

Targeted strategies can keep the event's messages alive for a long time to come. Lessons learned, documentation, and follow-up mailings ensure a lasting effect. In this way, special impressions are anchored in the memories of your guests. You can build on this again. Rely on the professional in the organization of events, your full-service agency aigner und oesterreicher in Vienna!

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